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  Shaan started his career before coming in to films. His mother being the top most actress of 60’s & 70’s ruled the industry. His father Late Riaz Shahid was a writer, director, producer and journalist belonged to the literary society of big names like Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. He later diversified his career in late 60’s and became one of the most successful man in the Pakistan film industry. He touched sensitive issues like Kashmir, Palestine and others. The whole family is involved in showbiz. Two of his uncles became the top most cameramen, one is working as chief cameraman in PTV Islamabad.  
  Shaan was born on 27th April 1971. Being a Taurian started out his early education at Aitchison College. His first acting venture came out at the Boy scout bonfire at Aitchison under the guidance of remarkable teachers Mrs. Abid and Mrs. Bukhari. Won the best actor award in a play called “Alif Noon” playing a comedy character but never took acting seriously as a career.  
  After leaving Aitchison, he left for New York and joined New Town High School. Dreaming of becoming a Lawyer due to his extraordinary talent of convincing people, he always thought he had a talent to become a Lawyer. Stayed in New York for 7 years and returned to Pakistan for a vacation and was asked to take up the family business, Riaz Shahid Films. At the age of 17, he had to do his first film due to the family pressure, his debut film “Bulandi” was released in 1990 & was a huge success.  
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