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  Unilever Pakistan launches new LUX with Shaan  
Unilever Pakistan Ltd. organised a glitzy event at the Pearl Continental in Lahore to launch their latest offering, LUX Limited Edition, in the city on 17th February, 2009, at the hands of the new LUX ambassador Shaan. A seductive bathing bar with a bold fragrance, the new black LUX reminds one of black roses and violets.
The atrium lobby of the PC was festive with LUX banners and a very minimalist lounge stage. Shaan, with his stylish new look, was charming and urbane as he spoke of the thrill it gave him to be the new LUX Brand Ambassador. “LUX is a brand I have grown up with,” he said.“LUX aur Pakistani film industry ka aik ghehra aur intense naata hai.Ever since I can remember LUX beauties have been the most glamorous leading ladies of their time aur aaj mein bahut fakhr say keh sakta hoon that I am a LUX brand ambassador.”
Pepsi Cola
Shaan has also endorsed another big brand and it is none other than Pepsi Cola. One of the biggest brand not only in Pakistan but across the globe.
We saw Shaan rubbing his shoulders with another Youth Icon 'Ali Zafar'. The campaign was very youthful and energetic and it strengthened the Brand Loyalty for Pepsi brand both in youngsters and mature people.
Mobilink Indigo

Shaan was introduced as the spokesperson for Mobilink Indigo, with the launch of the new face of Mobilink’s premium post paid brand Indigo in 2004. It was projected as the brand for the elite executive and family. His character was a man who's demanding lifestyle has him juggling between work and family and Indigo helps him breeze through this life successfully.

Shaan had a private persona different from that projected through Pakistani Cinema which Mobilink tapped into after having recognized this potential.

The reason why Shaan was cast as the lead in the commercials, or the head of the family is because Shaan’s private image was an ideal fit. Shaan, with his extensive education and grooming having taken place abroad, is the best known personality in Pakistan with such profile. He not only has poise but is able to project class and elegance through his stature and expressions. This made him the ambassador for the new life style image of the brand Mobilink Indigo.

Goodwill Ambassador "One Pack = One Vaccine"

In a bid to eradicate tetanus from Pakistan, recently UNICEF, Ministry of Health and Procter and Gamble have launched a campaign – “One Pack = One Vaccine”. P&G will donate UNICEF the cost of one tetanus vaccine for the women of childbearing age, for every pack of Pampers sold during the month.

Shaan, a proud father of triplet daughters, has been chosen as the Goodwill Ambassador.
“As a Pakistani and a parent, I feel it is my duty to raise awareness for the issue of maternal and new-born tetanus deaths which is not only a global concern, but is also a grave and tragic realty for many of us in Pakistan. This issue is especially important for me as a father, as the health of my babies is extremely vital for myself and my family,” said Shaan at a press conference, held recently at a local hotel in Karachi.

Shaan has committed himself to the cause and will visit different areas including malls and stores in Karachi and Lahore, to bring awareness amongst parents, especially mothers, about this deadly disease and how one can fight to eliminate it.